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Our Schools

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  With ten years' effort, ZWIE has successfully established exceptionally strong school culture. So far, we own five schools, including a kindergaten, two primary schools, a secondary school and a training school.

  1.  Guangzhou Foreign Language School Attached to Sun Yat-Sen University
  Address: No.438 
Fengle South Rd, Huangpu District, Guangzhou
  WEB: http://zx.czwie.com 

  2. Huangpu Experimental Primary School attached to Sun Yat-Sen University
  AddressNO.188 Huangpu East Rd, Yigang Garden Huangpu District, Guangzhou
  WEB: http://sx.czwie.com

  3. Guangzhou Foreign Language  Primary School
  Address: NO.998  Nanhu Tonghe Rd Agile garden Baiyun District, Guangzhou
  WEB: http://wx.czwie.com 

  4.  Guangzhou Foreign Language Kindergarten Attached to Sun Yat-sen University
  Address: No.438 FengLeNan Load, Huangpu District Guangzhou
  WEB: http://yey.czwie.com 

  5.  Guangzhou Modern Olympic Training School
  Address: Fengle North Road, Huangpu District Guangzhou
  WEB: http://ax.czwie.com 


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