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English corner activity

2015-4-14 15:18| Publisher: 李兆群| Views: 1524| Comments: 0

  Every Mondays and Wednesdays , we have some fun English activities after school during 17:00p.m to 17:30p.m.
  Students played the game named "Traffic light" it is a very common American game. Students from America learn the game in primary school. The game goes first you teach the rules of the games "traffic light" only has 3 colors red, yellow, and green each color has a meaning red means stop, yellow means walk, and green means run. The teacher will light up the students and the teacher will give an example of how to teach the game. Saying red light means no walking..the another color needs to be shout yellow means the students can walk! and green means Run! it is a very fun and interactive game for smaller children. For the older students we did another game called animals acting like any animal that comes to mind for example elephant and the students have to act like an elephant. It was a very productive week students will get to learn many western games and specially they will learn western manners.

Miss Martha is playing with us , we learn a lot .

The cool policeman Tadi is playing with us .It’s so fun. 

We are all ready now .

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