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English Corner Week 3

2015-4-14 15:16| Publisher: 李兆群| Views: 1514| Comments: 0

Grade 1 : 

Hoo, today we do something interesting , all the kids love it so much . First , we warm up to play the hand wall . Then we learned to use the head to control the football .

One by one , listen to Orlando and  don’t push others. 

All of the kids are listening carefully.

Wow, Amazing , we want to try .

Haha , our girls also can do it well , good try!

Grade 2 : 

For the first time this semester, the weather was good enough to go outside for English corner. Grade 2 were introduced to the game of touch rugby with a short video, then went outside for a lesson on how to pass a rugby ball. The students lined up and practiced catching and passing the ball to the teacher, then to each other. We ended the English corner with a simple game of try to pass the ball to someone without it being caught by the other students.

Wow, I can catch the ball . 

Hey , Mark , I’m here , pass me the ball . 

One by one to pass the ball , we can do it well and have a fun . 

Grade 3 : 

This week was nice weather, so I took the students out on the football pitch to get some physical experience of the different British football warm ups, and training we do before a match. 

I got everyone in a circle and introduced a one-touch pass game. 


This game involved the students to communicate with each other in English, asking each other to pass the ball to them. The students had to; when receiving the ball, pass the ball to their peers and shout their English name to alert them that the ball was being directed their way. In this quick thinking fun environment it allowed the students to immerse themselves with using their oral English skills, whilst working together. 

We moved onto penalty shooting games, allowing the students to get the individual time and confidence with the football, learning different ways in which they could use their legs to shoot the ball.

Next week we will learn exercises for ball control, and different words that are said in the English game.
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