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Week 4 Our Fascinating English Corner

2015-4-14 15:15| Publisher: 李兆群| Views: 1543| Comments: 0

Grade One : 
This week we had fun learning how to control a football with our chests then feet. When we began there were some humorous mistakes made; but as we worked harder practicing how football players practice in England, by the end of the lesson, everyone made improvements within this game.

We played an interesting game where all of the students had to line up and take shots at Mr Orlando in the goal. After Mr Orlando showed the students how to shoot the ball which they had a lot of fun taking shots at Mr Orlando in the goal. When the students scored the goal; they could have another shot, if they missed, they would join Mr Orlando in the goal to block the shots, so everyone could get involved and have fun.

The girls were also very good at this game, and to make it fair for them, they would shoot closer to the goal.

For other grade one class , we had fun to playing the basketball . Everyone stood in a big circle and passed to basketball to others .  

Grade Two :
For the English corner with grade two, Mr Brendan has been teaching them how to sing the song Rainbow Connection. It is a very hopeful and inspiring song. Because a lot of the words are new to them, they have been learning it section by section. 

 Nice song ,nice teacher, everyone is enjoying in this lesson .

Grade Three & Grade Four :
Our students expressed their interest in making paper cut chains, so our teacher Jessica prepared some examples of her own to inspire them. These included the standard paper doll chain along with animals, fruits and some other designs. The students responded extremely well to this activity, safely using scissors, glue, pens and colorful paper to make beautiful and highly imaginative designs. The students made paper chain designs that included butterflies, rabbits, people, hearts, and letters. They proudly showed and discussed their finished results to their peers.

Grade Five : 
The weather was clear again by Wednesday, which allowed grade 5 outside to play a more disciplined game of Touch Rugby. This time, the rules were better explained and strictly enforced to encourage a fair game, without some of the more sporty boys being allowed to dominate play like the previous week. 

Rugby is very foreign to the students and they are still having difficulty understanding the rules and strategy behind the game - next week we might need to watch videos of Touch Rugby matches for the students to better understand how to play.

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